What is this?

The Arbitrary Gamejam is a monthly gamejam with two random themes to challenge your creativity and a bonus theme chosen by the host to spice things up! Entries are judged by the host and winner gets an opportunity to host TAG jam next month.

This time we're jamming in September (2014) and the host is SnoutUp! That's me! Nice to meet you!

We are going to make some sweet little games in 3 days starting from the morning of 6th of September (10AM UTC +3, Europe/Vilnius). Themes will be announced a day before on Friday, so you could rest after work, grab a beverage of your choice and think of great little game ideas!

GameJolt jam page is running and it has countdown timer!

Don't miss it!

Don't you just hate remembering about a nice gamejam only after it ends? And the themes were just perfect for that game you always wanted to make! Fill this form and I will poke you after themes will be announced! Free of charge!

Core rules

These are mandatory Arbitrary gamejam rules

  1. Submissions must come in within 12 hours of the Gamejam ending.
  2. Submissions must be original works, no plagiarism.
  3. Submissions can be based on any number of themes, but must incorporate at least 1 of the randomly generated themes.
  4. No Pressure. Just have fun with it. Submissions will still be accepted even if they're not complete.

Bonus rules

These rules are optional & added by jam host.

  1. Attach a "Did you know..?" fact to your game. School year is starting after all. Let's learn something!
  2. Tweet about your development progress using #TagJam14 tag!


I hope that's okay with you. If it's not - tweet me. And don't even try to bribe me with cute piglet art. Well, you can try, but I will resist.




How do I upload my game? There will be a jam page set up with GameJolt platform, so you'll just have to add your game there and insert "#TAGJAM14" in game description.

Are teams okay? Absolutely!

What if I can't finish in time? Upload your work-in-progress anyway. You might be up to something awesome! Also.. "That's what she said..." Sorry. I'm leaving.

Royalty-free music? SFX? Only with proper attribution.

Would it be okay if I X or Y? Oh, just relax and make a game!

I'd still like to ask... I'm listening - @SnoutUp